15 Pieces Of Expert Entrepreneurial Advice To Make Your Head Spin

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interesting Entrepreneur

Who do you know who to listen to when starting, growing and maybe even selling your business?
It seems everyone has some advice, but who do you REALLY need to listen to?

From my experience it falls into two categories:
A: Those that have already walked the walk (and not just talk the talk).
B: Really, really, really smart people with lots of big idea.

So alas, here are (over) 15 videos of expert entrepreneurial advice from those that really understand the game. Some are short and to the point. Some are more detailed and a bit longer. The bottom line is the advice is worth oh I don’t know…zillions?

In random order:

Business Advice:

How To Create A Killer Personal Brand with Dan Schawbel

Find out more about Dan on his .

How To Sell Your Business With Cliff Holekamp

Find out more about Cliff right here.

How To Turn Your Expertise Into Millions With The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

Find out more about Patti on .

How To Create A Billion Dollar Company With The Founder of World Wide Technology Dave Steward

Find out more about Dave here.

How To Learn From Your Mistakes and The Top Entrepreneurial Advice from Neil Patel

Visit Neil’s .

How To Take An Idea And Think Big With Build-A-Bear’s Chief Executive Bear Maxine Clark

Make sure to check out Maxine’s page on The Rise To The Top right here.

How To Gain Trust in Business with The Author of Trust Agents Chris Brogan

How To Blend Marketing and Sales With Scott Scully

See more about Scott right here

How To Create A Killer Advertising Campaign with Former Chief Creative Officer at Anheuser Busch Bob Lachky

How To Turn Your Creativity Into Business With Joe Edwards

Find out more about Joe right here.

Social Media Advice:

How To Utilize Social Media To Build Buzz For Your Biz with Sarah Evans

Find out more about Sarah on .

How To Rock The World Of Linked In with Lewis Howes

Find out more about Lewis on .

How To Be A Twitastic Tweeter on Twitter With Ria Sharon

Find out more about Ria on .

How To Maximize Facebook With Shama Kabani

Check out her great website

How To Avoid Big Mistakes On Social Media with Bradley Will

Check out Brad’s site .

Enjoy! You can find out more about all of these great folks and more on the Guests and Experts page.

Oh and one bonus one 🙂 – How To Make Decisions With Your Gut with Anna Kournikova

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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