35 Unique Entrepreneurs That Are Changing The Business World

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interesting Entrepreneur

Content providers, entrepreneurs, personalities, Internet celebrities, creative geniuses, adored by everyone who meets them…yet still have that sexy appeal as being a little under the mainstream radar. The bottom line is this list encompasses people that will help you build your business and change the world…and you won’t catch a single one of them wearing pleated pants.

If you haven’t heard about, read about or kept tabs on the following folks, I’d highly recommend. For your business, for you and for America (how is that for a presidential speech..just kidding about America. This list is International).

In alphabetical order:

1. Chris Brogan: A New York Times Best Selling Author () and refreshingly honest blogger on humanizing your relationships online. Chris has one of the most passionate followings you will find anywhere and is model citizen on maximizing Twitter. And being awesome.

2. Ali Brown: Personal branding genius? Database rock star? A self-made millionaire and master of creating one of the biggest networks…in the history of mankind (or something like that).

3. Bob Burg: Bob’s message is simple: Give first. If you aren’t paying attention to that, you won’t be successful as an entrepreneur. Check out .

4. Anita Campbell: Keeping up with trends in business is a major key to evolving. Small Business Trends brings the latest and greatest every day…with a smile.

5. Sarah Evans: New age PR rock star. You weren’t expecting press releases, right? She is also one of the masterminds behind . And she wants to own the St. Louis Cardinals. If she pulls that one off soon, please sign Matt Holliday.

6. Justine Ezarik: iJustine is an icon. She is just one of those interesting (and don’t forget VERY smart) folks that has a crazy passionate following. You have to visit TastyBlogSnack to really understand why.

7. Scott Ginsberg: Damn it Scott! The Nametag Guy is probably one of the most referenced people in The Rise To The Top (short but stunning) history. Why? Well for one he has turned wearing a nametag every day (that is 24/7 folks) to a huge career of helping others be more approachable. 8 books later I’d say he has done just that.

8. David Gise: So you weren’t planning to work at the coffee shop forever were you? Unless you are and in that case I’ll take an iced-nonfat-latte with nine packets of Sweet and Low..I have a little problem. David is building an incredible cool concept to help entrepreneurs find office space and folks with extra office space to unload it. Knowing David he has a lot more up his sleeve as well.

9. Bill Guertin: No he isn’t really an but that is what he is known as in the sales world. How do you dominate your niche? Bill will show you how step-by-step.

10. Lewis Howes: Professional athlete turned LinkedIn master turned one of my favorite humans. Lewis understands networking, taking risks and being really tall. He is like a big flea of energy but is one of the best people at following through that I’ve seen (a big key to success).

11. John Jantsch: A lord to many small businesses. To call John Jantsch a marketer would be like calling Tiger Woods a golfer. His Duct Tape Marketing book, system (and oh so much more) is a godsend to the entrepreneur and small business owner.

12. Shama Kabani: An Internet Marketing queen with the pulse on all things online, social media and more. Refreshing and honest.

13. Leo Laporte: Known as “The Tech Guy”, Leo is the envy of every pocket-protecting (and non pocket-protecting) uber-geek. He started his own online TV/radio station which has essentially become the CNN of tech news 24/7.

14. Louis Lautman: Dynamic and creative with a hint of Donald Trump in him. Louis took a big risk and created a movie around young entrepreneurs. Check out Young Entrepreneurs Society for a kick in the butt.

15. Gabe Lozano: Gabe is one of those people that is just going to magically appear one day in a magazine with the words under his name “sells company for 500 million”. A little techy with a lot of entrepreneurial pizzaz, his Lockerdome is bringing innovation to sports management online.

16. Loic Le Meur: The frenchman with the I-don’t-care-what-you-think-of me attitude who is both creative and innovative. He understands the online world and brings awesome products like Seesmic Desktop to the table..even before they are done to allow the community to improve them. Genius!

17. Cali Lewis: A podcaster and personality, Cali is a ball of energy. I go to her first when looking for the latest in technology with her quick tidbits on Geekbrief.TV.

18. Andrew Lock: E-Bay master turned online TV host/marketing man of destiny (no idea what that means but it sounded cool). Honestly, I love him for the British accent and the great tips and web resources.

19. Amber MacArthur: Another techie who keeps her pulse on the tech world and is nice enough to share it for the rest of us. I’m a non technical person who loves tech so I never miss an episode of her webisodes (that rhymes) .

20. Mike Michalowicz: You know if his book and blog is called The Toilet-paper Entrepreneur that we are dealing with quite a character. Mike gives motivation for the rest of us…the bootstrapping entrepreneur.

21. Neil Patel: A household name to web geeks and entrepreneurs. His business tips are straight from his mouth…err keyboard and have led him to do great work for companies such as AOL, GM, HP (apparently he only works with companies which use initials).

22. Brian Powell: Brian could be the reason “widget” becomes a household name. His company Widget Realm builds desktop, web, and mobile interactive widgets. Oh and they are one of the few exclusive developers for Yahoo!’s new TV platform (Yahoo! Connected TV) on Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio TV’s. He can take your audience from local to international overnight. We use ‘em and love ‘em.

23. Josh Salcman: THE virtual nerd. Recent winner of the Olin Cup at Washington University in St. Louis (entrepreneurial competition) is started an online tutoring revolution. Kind of makes me want to rewind the clock to high school…wait no, nevermind, not at all.

24. Mark Sawyier: When I was in college, Mark was “that entrepreneur guy.” He was building his company in his dorm room. Remember the name: Off Campus Media. Why? They are going to DOMINATE the world of marketing to college students.

25. Dan Schawbel: A personal branding fiend and author of Me 2.0. He will help you harness your own brand and grow it like a weed.

26. Robert Scoble: If I want to see what the techies are talking about, I go to their leader. His geekish fame stemmed from his brutally honest blogs while working for Microsoft. Now he is creating passionate communities around innovation.

27. Peter Shankman: PR legend and creator of one of my favorite services of all time: Help A Reporter (affectionately known as HARO). Looking to generate buzz for your biz? Peter has you covered…and will also have you laughing all the way (Note: although we did check into it, Peter is not Santa Claus; however, that is still up for debate).

28. Ria Sharon: Don’t tell my mom but I often refer to Ria as “My Favorite Mommy” with her Mommy Manual Website. Even if you aren’t a Mom, you can learn from Ria how to create lasting relationships and generally be an awesome, helpful person.

29. Jeff and Rich Sloan: The Start-Up Nation guys. Helpful to the core with great advice based on personal experiences for entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone who wants to start a business.

30. Mari Smith: Another person with a cool accent. Mari is the relationship queen on Facebook. If you thought Facebook was just a tool for college kids to flirt with each other, Mari will give you a wake up call. If you aren’t using it for business…you are missing out on well over 200 million people.

31. Ingrid Vanderveldt: On The Road with IV. Part of the Billionaire Girls Club (future women who will be ruling the world), she brings thunderous energy to creative video projects involving entrepreneurs.

32. Gary Vaynerchuk: Vay-Ner-Chuk has revealed his cards. He isn’t just a wine guru but a business mastermind growing his parent’s liquor shack (seriously a shack) to a 50-million-dollar plus company. His new book is already climbing the ranks of Amazon faster than Gary can talk (freaking fast).

33. Andrew Warner: Honest and funny. Andrew’s Mixergy is definitely worth checking out. From fun interviews to Andrew’s personal stories of triumph and defeat…you will eat it up with a spoon (fork or knife or your hands work as well).

34. Bradley Will: Speaking to young entrepreneurs can be tricky. Bradley does it effortlessly and speaks the lingo of the next generation of great innovators. And his voice makes me feel cooler just listening to him.


35. Kate McEachern: Cupkates: Now THIS is creative. Mobile cupcakes fueled by Twitter. They bake cupcakes. They put them in a van. They drive somewhere random in Northern California. They Tweet out where they are. The people come in droves. They sell out. Rinse, wash, repeat.

One extra bonus person: Sarah Merion. She is a digital rockstar-in-training and gets the idea of giving first.

Oh and you can find me on , and .

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