5 Reasons To Grow Your Online Network

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by David Garland in David's Blog

You have heard the saying “bigger is better” but when it comes to an online network, there are definitely multiple sides to the size coin.

First off, what the heck do I mean by an online network? I mean: Facebook friends/fans, Twitter followers or any other forms of community (LinkedIn, Flikr, etc.) and to some extent  Newsletter/E-Blast subscribers, blog subscribers (some of those can be more one way)

Some people argue it is better to have a smaller, more intimate network as opposed to a bunch of random people. I agree with this 50%. I definitely agree that random, uninterested people may not be of value to your network; however, if you have an engaged community…why not grow it?

Having a large, responsive, engaged community and network is one of the most valuable tools you can have. It can also be easily abused (that is a whole other post).

We have built a nice (and growing) community with The Rise To The Top. It as been a blast and allowed me to help interested people and they also help me as well.

Thinking about growing big? Here are 5 reason why it might be time to grow:

1. Bigger Is Efficient: One tweet, blog post, video, or email blast can reach thousands of interested people. Good luck trying to do that by phone or pony express.

2. Helping People…In Public AKA Public Displays Of Helpfulness: If you are growing a business and are helpful with your community, it will improve your reputation. Unlike a closed door meeting or private phone call, your social networks are just that…social. Think of the five most helpful people on your network. Why do you categorize them as that? My guess is it isn’t brain surgery by the fact that you can see them helping people.

3. Crowdsourcing: When you have a trusted network, it is the a huge weapon when you have a question. What is the best blogging software to use? Do you want to rent my girlfriend’s condo (that is a real one!) Does anyone have experience with Skype? Who has a favorite hotel in LA? You would be surprised the information you can gather by simply asking and it certainly beats randomly searching (Note: This can easily be abused. Remember to be HELPFUL FIRST and ask for help second).

4. Ideas: Looking for a dose of creativity? Turn to your network. Try something out. See what everyone’s interests are. Is someone working on a cool project? Can you learn from posted articles and videos?

5. It is fun. A big network is sort of like ice cream when you are a kid. You always want the bigger cone but remember if it is too big you will get sick. Remember to have some fun, joke around and be a freaking human.

Online relationships can be a little tricky. Committing to grow as opposed to staying too small may be a great decision for you and your biz.

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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