Economy Sucks: Entrepreneur Attitude Adjustment

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Ok, so we all get it: The economy sucks!  Wallstreet is up and down like a scary roller-coaster of death, bailouts are adding to the confusion, and people are freaking out. 

There are two ways to look at this (Which category do you fall under?):

Number 1: Oh my g-d! The world is ending! I have no money. Nobody is going to buy my products. I’m going to have to sell my house and live in a small box. I will have to sell my children. My dog is going to have to work a double-shift. I’m just going to sit here and complain, watch the news, and count my money going down the toilet. 

Number 2: Watching the economy is like a fair weathered fan in sports. It is only fun to watch if you are winning. But, I’m not going to panic because the economy is one of the most predictable cycles and will of course rebound. Plus, I don’t really feel a big difference in my daily life. I’ll be ready to ride the wave when it turns around! 

If you are an entrepreneur and fall into category number 1, you may be in trouble. Entrepreneurship is BASED around opportunities, huge victories and defeats, cycles of profitability, good ideas, bad ideas, no ideas. This is the time to TAKE CONTROL of your business, be positive, and look for opportunities and trends. Stop staring at the stock market and get back to putting your energy into your business. Don’t close up shop and wait for the tornado to pass over your house…or you might get sucked up in it never to return. 

Will changing your attitude change the economy? Probably not, but sitting around freaking out about it won’t change it either. In my opinion, you may as well be damn happy. 


Want 20 ways to improve your recession attitude? Email me and I’ll get them to you.

Live Passionately! -David Siteman Garland- The Creative Opportunities Specialist

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