A lesson on losing all the files on my computer (and how to make sure it never happens to you!)

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Hello, my name is David and I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve lost all the files on my computer before.

A few years ago…this happened:

I hopped out of bed for another merry day in the neighborhood. Skipping around. Whistling. High-fiving random people. You know. All that jazz. Typical stuff.

I was working my laptop at a coffee shop and all of the sudden, I could feel it getting hot as heck (like, I’m about to be set on fire…that hot). I didn’t know what to do…but I came VERY close to screaming like a girl. Guess what happened next? Oh crap. It crashed. Buh-bye.

All my files. Gone.


Thanks for playing!

Yippy hooray.

“But, David didn’t you have back-up?”

Great question. Thanks for asking. No. Why? Because I was too busy/lazy to try and figure it out. Losing files was one of those super-fun things that only happened to OTHER people.

What ended up happening next sucked. I tried to recover what I could from email, cried a little bit and cursed the world of computers/Internet.

I vowed then, never to lose another file….EVER.

Here are a few quick lessons and tips on this: 

1. Why is it sometimes we are too busy to do the simplest things that can save our butts in the long run? DON’T PUT THIS OFF. Seriously.

2. The last thing you want to worry about is sitting there backing up files. This can be easily automated and run in the background while you do your work/waste time on YouTube.

3. My favorite backup service to use BY FAR is Carbonite. It is easy to use. It runs in the background. It doesn’t slow down your computer.

Ever since I started using Carbonite a couple of years ago, I’ve lost ZERO (literally, zero) files. Recently, I got the cojones to reach out to them and basically say this:

“Hey Carbonite. It is your good friend David. Since I started using you guys a few years ago, I’ve lost zero files. You rock. And I bet my peeps on The Rise To The Top would love to know more about Carbonite because we all do lots of biz online. You should totally sponsor The Rise To The Top and we should have a group hug.”

And they were like TOTALLY. And so it was…

(By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post or part of their sponsorship package on The Rise To The Top. If it was, I’d say something like “This is a sponsored post”; however, I don’t do sponsored posts so that probably won’t happen)

My recommendation is NOT to wait on this any longer and go get cloud backup like Carbonite. I use external hard drives as well, but realize if there is a (lord forbid) fire/robbery, etc. I would be out of luck (and so will you).

To make it super easy for you:

1. Head over to

2. You can sign up for a no-credit-card-required trial (sweet)

3. If you go ahead and buy (or buy later) use the promo code “RISE” and you will 2 additional months free on your plan. BOOM.

You can rest a little easier tonight.


How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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