Can You Pass The Today Show Test?

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Sometimes to find a little clarity, direction and get those juices flowing, it takes a little fun little game. A different way to think about something you probably think about a lot.

Let me explain.

So, I was talking to my good buddy Rob yesterday about his brand and the direction he is taking in the future with a combination of his passion/expertise.

One exercise we went through is what I’m calling “The Today Show” Test.

Here it is: If you were asked to be on The Today Show and give 5 tips ON ANYTHING YOU WANT, what specific topic would you give the tips on?

Of course, this doesn’t LITERALLY need to be The Today Show (meaning if The Today Show audience isn’t relevant to you, chose another show). Bottom, line you are on some kind of big show.

One of hardest things to do is narrow down your topic/expertise/passion and this exercise can seriously have an impact on the direction you take your brand in the future.

For example, has a really clear target market: She gives weight loss advice for women and I know specifically she works with a lot of brides. Boom!

Her “Today Show” topic would most likely be weight loss for brides.

And maybe it would be something like “5 Weight Loss Tips For Brides Who Want To Be In The Best Shape In The History Of Mankind  And Make People Swoon On Their Wedding Day” …a little long but you get the point.

Imagine if your market was this clear. You could easily:

-Create endless content, blog posts, videos, interviews, etc. on this topic.
-Create some kind of cool product. Maybe a book? Training course? Info product?
-Create a speech on this topic.
-Host a seminar or event on this topic.
-Write for publications on your topic.

….and that’s just the beginning.

Give it a shot and leave your topic below. What would your specific topic be?

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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