Want To Dominate YouTube Like Tiger Woods Dominated Golf Before His Shenanigans? Review Of Video Traffic Academy

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by David Garland in David's Blog

That might be the randomist Tiger Woods headline of all time.

Alrighty, above is my quick video review of – a product co-created by former guest (and friend) along with .

What Is It?

is a very comprehensive online course (with an incredible amount of content and instruction) designed to help you master YouTube.

Who Is It For?

After playing around with it for awhile, I believe the best audience for the product is:

  • Entrepreneurs and bloggers looking to get started and maximize video specifically on YouTube.
  • “Experts” and “thought leaders” looking to market their expertise and show their personality.
  • I’d say it slants towards beginners but also has some interesting intermediate and advanced tips.
  • It is also a great fit for folks who are already creating videos but having trouble getting views and creating a bit of impact (THIS IS VITAL).

What You Should Know

  • The course is (not shockingly) video based but also has transcripts, slides, and mp3s.
  • The course focuses mostly on YouTube.
  • There are 5 modules (plus one “hidden” one).
  • Video Traffic 101
  • Developing Your Strategy
  • Creating Killer Videos
  • Video Optimization
  • Advanced Video Traffic
  • Lots of bonuses, resources and more. Some really awesome links. I know I bookmarked a ton.
  • The course is $97.

What I Love

  • Clean, simple design of the backend of the system which makes it really easy to follow.
  • It is really easy to follow and James and Lewis are fantastic teachers.
  • Fluff free…everything is actionable.

Where You Can Check It Out

You can (and if you sign up make sure to let me know what you think).

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