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In one week, we will be taping Episode #3 and #4 for The Rise To The Top! Without revealing TOO much, best-selling author Scott Ginsberg (“The Nametag Guy”) and master networker Dixie Gillaspie (Pure Synchrony) will be joining me on the show along with some other cool characters.


During the interview, some questions will be coming from ALL OF YOU! So, what is on your mind?
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And here is a little more about our All Star experts who have QUITE the story to tell and advice to give:


Scott Ginsberg, Hello My Name Is Scott, LLC “That Guy with the Nametag”

Scott Ginsberg, aka, “The Nametag Guy,” was recognized by CNN, WSJ, FastCompany and 20/20 as “The Authority on Approachability.” As an author, speaker, trainer and coach, he teaches people how to GET noticed, GET remembered and GET business. To watch Scott in action, tune in to his Online Video Training Network,

Dixie Gillaspie, Pure Synchrony, Consultant & Coach

Dixie acts as coach, mentor, change agent and general trouble-shooter to business leaders and teams. She’s been helping clients identify and eliminate roadblocks to success for more years than she’ll admit to and her commitment to creating her signaturecombination in any situation comes through whether she is facilitating a brainstorming session or sitting down for a one-on-one coaching session. 

Dixie is a Certified Kolbe Specialist and brings the power of understanding each individual’s striving instincts and Kolbe Action Modes

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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