Upcoming Interviews On RISE: Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Big Thinkers & Authors Oh My

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

As some of you know, I went interview crazy. I don’t think I’ve slept over the past few weeks due to an influx of amazing interviews.

The goal of every interview is to do at least one, but hopefully many, of these things:

Educate (learn something new, something actionable and useful)

Inspire (light a fire under your butt…that sounds bad but you know what I mean)

Entertain (you can practice laughing now…it is good for all of us).

Make You Think (ponder away my friends)

Here is who is on tap (in no particular order…):

Mike Volpe – VP of Marketing at discusses with us why you might want to try doing a webinar. Trust me he knows. It seems like Mike is on a webinar every two minutes (in a good way).

Shama Kabani – President of chats with me about how to deal with negative reviews, why social media marketing “comes last” as well as her new (awesome) book (Amazon Link)

Ryan Holmes – The CEO of , a great social media management/productivity/analytics application, joins me to talk about it and how the product helps entrepreneurs. Plus we hop into the keys to pitching online media sources and why Hootsuite has been so successful at it (buzz is good).

Jason Cohen – A Smart Bear () joins me to talk about building your blog subscriber base and why it is important and maybe a little overrated as well.

Gary Whitehill – The Founder of (going on right now) discusses the benefits of bringing people together and how that helps build your brand.

Tamar Weinberg – Author ( – Amazon Link) and uber-blogger at drills down the keys to becoming a successful blogger including specific similarities of those at the top of the blogging mountain.

Melissa Pierce – You are going to love her energy. Melissa is an independent film maker in the midst of an ambitious and inspiring project: (what a great name).

Dan Rayburn – The master of joins me to talk about “going live” including the ins and outs of doing your own live, online show.

Matt Meyerson – Corporate PR rock star turned PR entrepreneur, Matt started the quickly growing and sheds some light on finding a niche even in a very crowded industry.

Scott Stratten – He is loud, funny, and knows a heck of a lot about marketing…or is it ? Scott discusses the current state of marketing, the importance of relationships and we dive into his new book (almost ready for pre-sale: Unmarketing: Stop Marketing  Start Engaging).

Howard Mann – Sometimes this crazy changing world leaves business basics in the dust. But without the basics, none of us even have a business. Howard and I discuss some key lessons from his book (Amazon Link) including tips on getting paid faster (always a good thing).

Damon Schechter – CEO of solves the problem of shipping physical products throughout the world without a multi-million dollar budget and massive warehouse. Plus he has all kinds of advice on making shipping easier.

Kevin Cottrell – Kevin is changing the real estate industry for the better and is successfully taking on the “big boys” by using social media creatively and becoming a resource (content marketing at its greatest). We discuss his new site as well as share ideas on how you can become a resource as opposed to a salesman (or woman).

Sarah Evans – The PR master (you know her as ) and I will be talking web PR, online strategy and other goodies.

Neil Patel – The man behind numerous successful Internet Companies (including and a super successful blog () joins me to chat about the art and science of hustling online.

Bruce Gibbs – (disclosure: is a partner of RISE) Bruce has built a 40-million dollar plus company by redefining a less-than-sexy industry (printing). His wisdom is timeless.

Johnny Londoff – (disclosure: Unless you live under a rock, you know is a RISE partner/sponsor) Here comes Johnny (couldn’t resist) to talk about the keys to customer service including everything from referrals to finding the right customer.

Mitch Joel – The author and big thinker behind the best-selling book (Amazon Link)  joins me to give his thoughts on the online marketing revolution and what it means for you and your business.

Dave Levine – You might know him as “” from his two appearances on former RISE guest Patti Stanger’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” I’ll just leave it at that…

Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens – The ladies behind your snot. Um, ya. They are the founder of and will be joining me to talk about turning something obscure into a business.

Ben Huh – The man behind the has created niche website based around making people laugh (LOL Cats, anyone?) and has turned it into a huge business with all kinds of marketing takeaways.

Mario Braz de Matos – Sometimes it is fun to profile folks on the way to the top. How did they get it going? Mario has a niche: Chefs. He joins me to talk about his for the masters of the mouth.

Bryan Rahn – PPC – Pay-Per-Click advertising. What is it? How does it work? Why are so many people bad it? Bryan from not only talks the talk but walks the walk with tons of successful PPC campaigns.

You will also notice…it just won’t be interviews on RISE or just video:

I’m going to spread out the interviews a bit to make sure to stick to the mission of The Rise To The Top being a 360-degree resource for forward-thinkers. So, what that means is you will a smattering of special articles, product and book reviews, possibly a guest post or two as well, continue the 101 Marketing Tips Series (short videos inspired by amazing marketing ideas), and oh so much more. And we are working on a new archiving system so you can easily hunt down past content such as interviews with , , , , and many more.  If it helps build your business, I will put it up…in a mix of forms (video, text, etc.).

Your Thoughts?

How can I best be helpful to you? What would you like to see? Things that are being thrown around include a weekly live business Q&A show and more. Your ideas are more than welcomed…they are appreciated and listened to.

Unlock Enrollment in Create Awesome Online Courses 2.0

The #1 Program in the World for Turning Your Expertise & Experience Into a Successful Online Course & Dream Business got a complete overhaul. Welcome to CAOC 2.0.

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