Need Some Inspiration To Follow Your Passion? Take Notes From Today’s Guests, Justin and Chaunna Brooke

How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Course & Dream Business

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A big topic here on the show (as you know) is following your passion when it comes to business/career/projects, and learning from those who have done it (in all kinds of different ways). The fluff-free reality is sometimes this is freakin’ hard regardless of your situation. It takes massive…kahunas. Enter today’s guests, Justin and Chaunna Brooke, who just might spark you through their story full of quitting what they didn’t like to pursue what they did (despite MASSIVE obstacles).

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About Today’s Guests, Justin and Chaunna Brooke:

Justin and Chaunna BrookeThis is right from Justin’s home page: Married a smart and beautiful woman, raised a son, wrote a book, built a six figure home business, and designed my life so that I do what I love everyday. Justin also lists himself as a cool dad, romantic husband and a damn good blogger.  and check him out on Twitter .

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How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Course & Dream Business

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