How A Creative Entrepreneur Got Into Fitness Model Shape In 90 Days

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About Today’s Guest, Rob Murgatroyd:

Rob MurgatroydThis is a common problem with creative entrepreneurs. We work on our businesses. We work on other important things (family, friends, etc.). Something has to give, because we aren’t super humans, right? Usually that something is fitness. And that sucks.

Is it possible to get in incredible shape and run your business? Darn right it is. In fact, I had the problem that today’s guest (his second time on the show actually, check out the first interview here) Rob Murgatroyd had. I was working out and eating “right”, but I was in like ridiculous-holy-crap shape (yet, I wanted to be). Rob has the same issue so he infiltrated the world of fitness models (seriously) and got himself into unreal shape while running his business (he is also married to Kim, who will be on the show next week, and has a daughter).

Today on the show, Rob shares some tricks of the trade he picked up to get you started on the path to better fitness. And even cooler, the program that Rob and Kim created that I’m a tester for (it is absolutely amazing and I’m on day 40 right now) called (affiliate) is now available to get you in badass shape. They will provide the blueprint, you provide the hard work.

Seriously, ridiculously highly recommended. Enjoy!

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How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Course & Dream Business

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