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Skimp Or Splurge? Should You Hire A Graphic Designer For Your Website?

When building your business smarter, faster, cheaper every dollar counts. But sometimes you HAVE to invest in yourself because the payout and potential is much more than the initial investment.

What about your website? Perhaps it is your 1st website, 10th website, or you are re-doing your website that looks more like 1997 than 2010. Awesome.

How do you go about it? Do you purchase a template? Create a custom site? Design it yourself?

I’ve created several websites and based on my experience hiring a graphic designer can be one of the most beneficial investments you can make. Here is why:

5 Reasons You Should Splurge On A Graphic Designer For Your Website

1. First Impressions Matter: If you want to look professional when people find you through Google, Facebook, Twitter and other sources of traffic, good design gives you a massive edge. You wouldn’t invite people into your home and not have any furniture would you (unless you would…in that case you are weird).

2. Clients Comparing Websites: If clients and customers are browsing between you and competitors, which many are, your design matters. Shoppers are ADD. Think about the last time you compared companies. Would the simply, dynamically designed site win your sale compared to the site from 1998 with a little construction guy digging?

3. PR: We entrepreneurs know that media (online and offline) can be huge for growing your business. When journalists come to your website (and spend a SPLIT SECOND on it), do they see something that is easy-to-navigate and professional? Or do they see a mess?

4. Personality: Your shining personality can be brought out by a good graphic designer and reflect in your site. Remember, people want to do business with people and not just faceless companies.

5. Stick Out: Good design allows you to separate from the pack, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Fitting in is so high school.


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Your Website?

How did you go about creating your website? What as your process? I’m sure we can all benefit from your expertise!

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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