After Watching This Interview With Al Pittampalli You Might No Longer Think Meetings Suck

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I don’t know about you, but I hate meetings. When I started to revamp my business from stressfest to a funfest last year, one of the big areas of elimination was meetings. But here is the question: Is it that meetings suck or is it more the way we conduct meetings that suck?

I figure no better person to ask than today’s guest, Al Pittampalli, who is what I’d like to call a meeting nerd (he is obsessed with making meetings better) and the author of the new book from , (affiliate).

What is your take? Are you pro/anti meeting? Do you wish you had less? More? A different way of doing it?

About Today’s Guest, Al Pittampalli:

In his own words:

Al PittampalliHi, my name is Al Pittampalli, and I’m the Author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting (The Domino Project Aug. 2011).

As a former IT advisor at Ernst & Young LLP, I worked on-site at Fortune 1000 companies all across the country. I sat in a lot of their meetings.

I’m still recovering.

Fish don’t know they’re in water, and the individuals working at these companies didn’t realize they were working in a culture plagued by meetings that lacked purpose, energy, and brevity. But I did.

That’s because a few companies I worked with (only a handful), seemed to have a wildly different kind of meeting . Their meetings were purposeful, intense, and short. And most importantly, they were rare. But it wasn’t just about the meetings, it was the culture…it was different. You could feel it. People at these organizations seemed committed to doing work that mattered, and they didn’t have the time or inclination for meetings. In fact, these guys avoided meetings at all costs.

Naturally, I had a burning question: What causes some organizations to have so many bad meetings?

I’m glad to say I found the answer. But you’ll have to read my blog (or my book) to find out.

Now, here I am, embarking an a revolution that might just have a chance. A movement dedicated to eradicating the traditional meeting, and replacing with what I call, the Modern Meeting.

I’m an unapologetic Meeting Culture Warrior driven to shake up the status quo. I’m part of a new generation. I brings fresh eyes to stuck business systems. I’m a speaker and blogger on making revolutionary change happen. I blog about meetings, decision making, teamwork, and coordinating action.

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