5 Ways to Figure Out if People Will Pay for Your Online Course

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I’ve gotten about 49458382.5 (give or take) questions about this:

“Hi David, I’m a little nervous. I’m creating an online Course on XXXX designed for XXXX people. How do I figure out if they will spend $$$ on what I’m teaching?”

Ahhhh great questions grasshopper, and don’t worry Uncle David is here to help.

Because you can create the coolest products and programs in the world (the world!!!) but if your market doesn’t PAY for that type of information…you’re screwed (sc-rewed!)

I put together a lighting quick mini-lesson (12 mins-ish) of fun today for you below:

BTW #1: Make sure to let me know in the comments section if you liked the “mini lesson” always looking to spice stuff up for you guys!

BTW #2:  Let me know your results after you put into action what I share with you in the video.


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