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Time to get out the crystal ball. Right now is what I like to call the “Wild Wild West Of Social Media.” Sites are popping up everywhere. There are incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs. Some big and some small. Some entrepreneurs (and occasionally a big brand) excel and others have some ummmm….issues.  Everyone is an expert (or at least their Twitter profile says so). But where is this all going? And what does it mean for entrepreneurs like us?

Today, I’m joined by Freddie Laker for a discussion and to make sense of it all. Freddie is a great digital marketing thinker (as well Director Of Digital Strategy at Sapient) and blogger at

In this interview we discuss/debate some of his key observations and predictions including:

-Privacy expectations will have to change

-Complete decentralization of social networks

-Our interactions with search engines will be different

-Rise of the content aggregators

-Social media augmented reality

-Influencer marketing will be redefined

-Ratings everywhere

-Social media agents

-Riding the Google Wave

-Thinking beyond nowness

-Social media everything and the return of digital media

What about you? What are your predictions? How do you think it will effect entrepreneurs?

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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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