Funny Babies and Cute Cats Not Required: How to Use Online Video to Actually Build Your List with James Wedmore

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I’m epically pumped up about today’s episode/training with James Wedmore. Why? Because I LOVE learning along with you guys. James is one of the very best when it comes to online video…and by online video I mean ACTUALLY USING VIDEO TO CREATE LEADS AND BUSINESS (yes, that was so important it HAD to be in all caps).

There are folks out there who teach how to create pretty videos that make you smile. There are people out there that try to teach you how to go “viral” (ugh). But, at the end of the day, as a mediapreneur the number one thing your videos can do for you is generate leads 24/7. For example, a video you put up tomorrow can still bring in leads 6 months (heck, 2 years) from now if you do it right.

Grab the pen and pencil and get ready for an action-packed free training with James…and leave the cute cuddly cats and funny talking babies at home.


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