Mixed Martial Arts & Marriage: An Exclusive With Married Pro Fighters Jorge & Zoila Gurgel

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About Today’s Guests, Jorge & Zoila Gurgel:

Today’s interview is a unique one that might never be replicated on the show. . Yes, they are married, but we have had married couples on the show before. What sets them apart? They are both professional mixed martial arts fighters. Yes, both pro fighters, and both damn good at it.

A bit about each:

Jorge GurgelJorge (): A former English teacher in Brazil, Jorge came to the States to become a top MMA fighter. Landing a role on the second season of Spike’s Ultimate Fighter, Jorge cemented himself as a bang up brawler and an expert in Jiu Jitsu. With two “Fight of the Night” bouts in the UFC, Jorge, under the tutelege of legendary Muay Thai coach Mark “Kru” Dellagrotte, is now a contender in Strikeforce where he fought a 3-round unanimous decision battle with Conor Heun. Jorge also coaches Jiu Jitsu to hundreds of students at his Ohio facility and 13 affiliate schools in North America.

Zoila GurgelZoila (): Out of nowhere Zoila Frausto Gurgel entered the women’s MMA world and immediately made a name for herself. Fighting in the Bellator league, Zoila has fought some of the most fierce women in the world and come out with a World Championship. Zoila is a tremendous athlete and has a killer instinct that is unmatched in women’s fighting. With a flawless physique and looks to kill, there is no stopping Zoila from being the biggest name in women’s MMA. Zoila is married to RPRT client Jorge Gurgel and is based in Ohio.


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