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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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Misconception: You have to have a LOT of traffic to make money from your website/blog

There is a big misconception in the online world about the correlation of traffic and making money from your website.

For example:

1. You need LOTS (hundreds of thousands of visitors) a month to make any money from your website (either by selling a product/service, advertising, whatever).

2. People expect everything online to be free.

3. You can’t make money from blogging.

Well, lets put those three misconceptions to rest in this chat with .

Timothy is smart, brash and has that like-him-or-hate-him-but-you-have-to-respect-him personality (I like him) and he makes an absolute boatload of money online to the tune of 1.3 million (yes, MILLION) in 2009 even without astronomical traffic number (2,000 dedicated fans).

His niche is penny stocks and investing and he recently launched a community for investors:

In this discussion (and yes, I know it is long but trust me it is worth grabbing some coffee and enjoying), Timothy talks about how he did it and provides inspiration, tips, tricks and strategies for you to do it as well.

Fun Facts From The Chat:

-Tim offers a big mix of products including newsletters (Tim Alerts), DVD’s, books and more.

-Teaching sells and pays. Bottom line.

-Don’t forget about the individual. All about one-on-one connections and relationships.

-Tim recommends being in business for the long haul. Not the quick buck.

-Authenticity destroys BS. Be real. Not a sketchy salesman.

-Experience matters.

-Listen to your audience. Tim used polls to garner interest for new products.

-Tim built a FREE COMMUNITY first before monetizing.

-The more stuff you create now, the more it will pay off later.

Links Mentioned/Tim’s Entrepreneur Resources:

Tim uses Live Steam () for his live web shows.

for video solutions.

(extra views always help)

: Hyper-targeted ads. Tim spent $500 brought in $10,000.

: Super cheap 5 cents per click in many cases.

for email marketing.

also for email marketing.

(juicy cool resource for organizing email and customer service). Creates ticket numbers for your email.

And Always A Big Thanks To Our Local Presenting Sponsor Making RISE Possible:

Just for being a RISE viewer, you get haggle-free, supplier pricing whether you are from St. Louis or anywhere else at . A great guy really getting into online marketing and relationship building. Plus, make sure to check out my interview with Johnny (who is quite the character) and has some great advice for building your business.

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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