Getting Naked with Noah Kagan: How He Started AppSumo for $50 and Got Over 500,000 Subscribers

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Today on The Rise To The Top: The #1 Non-Boring Business Show: I have a good feeling you are going to love this conversation with Noah Kagan. Why? In this super candid conversation, Noah tells us exactly how he created in a weekend for $50. Now less than two years later it is a million dollar plus business with (ready for this one?) over 500,000 email subscribers that have opted in. In today’s chat, he talks about the idea, how he gets folks to opt in, marketing successes and failures, and everything inbetween. And we get naked. And Noah has a present for 3 members of RISE Nation at the end of the episode!

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Noah KaganDid you watch to the end to find out what Noah is giving 3 members of RISE Nation?

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