The Realities Of Working For Yourself With Kevin Miller

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Today’s show is not just another resource for you, but one I am avidly recommending here at The Rise To The Top. Why? You need it.

Some people see self-employment as an enviable option for their work life. My good friend believes “free agency” is the only way to fully live out your personal calling, have a balanced life, and create wealth. After interviewing hundreds of free agents and being one myself, I’m in full agreement. However, current self-employment focuses on business ideas and strategy, when the secret sauce to success is understanding what core abilities and passions YOU have to bring to the table. Kevin has developed the first real school for self-employment at (my special link for RISE viewers). It’s intimate, it’s interactive, and it’s helping hordes of people leave the cubicle and launch successful businesses. Thousands are tuning into his weekly Free Agent Underground Show to get inspired and equipped and he’s quickly being labeled as the leading evangelist of self-employment.

Kevin Miller
I’m interviewing Kevin today so you can get to know him, and to introduce . I want you to be a wildly successful free agent, loving what you do and flourishing. If you’re not there yet, here is the help I recommend.




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