How To Become A Referral Engine

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Referrals. We could all use them. It is word-of-mouth at its very core. A genuine recommendation from one person to another.

And it takes place everywhere online and offline.

Plus, it always seems those folks that are getting referred are everywhere. They are visible and interesting. How can you do the same and build your business?

How often are you referred?

Do you have a formal referral system or do you just wing it?

knows a thing or two about referrals. In fact, the founder of Duct Tape Marketing has a new book out (today in fact) giving you ideas on the art and science of referrals called (link to the website)

In this interview (and sorry for the choppy video…the audio should be crystal clear), John and I discuss what people are doing wrong in the world of referrals, how you can get referred more, why content is the best form of advertising and much more.

(affiliate link) is something every business owner should pick up. I read it cover-to-cover and liked how actionable it was with great ideas for every industry regardless if you are more of a traditional offline company or an innovative tech company.

You can hunt down John:

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MB Consulting Group: Outsource yourgeeky stuff so you can focus on your business and whatever it is you love to do. MB Consulting Group is your outsourcing IT solution as opposed to hiring a guy with a million tattoos and twelve earrings who is an “expert” at IT, you get a full team of specialized experts at your call. Nice. Ryan Mortland, the founder, sat down with me to discuss outsourcing and other fun, geeky stuff.

Unlock Enrollment in Create Awesome Online Courses

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