An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Putting On A Successful Webinar With Hubspot’s Mike Volpe

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As the business and world continues to change at the speed of lighting, sometimes new technologies and ideas pop up that can be overlooked. Or deemed confusing. Or declared (without too much thought) that it isn’t for you. But when you really take a good look at them and break them down, they aren’t that difficult to understand and might be a HUGE tool for your business.

Today’s case in point: Webinars.

Since I’m definitely not a webinar expert, I tracked down someone who is: and co-host of Mike Volpe (Yes, THAT Hubspot. The one started by and Dharmesh Shah and you should definitely pick up their book Amazon Link)

Mike not only talks the talk, but walks the walk as he has been involved in more-than-a-smattering of webinars.

In this episode he dishes all including:

Hubspot’s Webinar Strategy

Tips & Tricks

Best & Worst Practices aka “Damn it don’t do this”

Plus his thoughts on best software depending on your needs including and

You can check out Mike everywhere in land and on .

Your .02 Cents: Have you attended and or put on a webinar? What has been your experience? Like ’em? Hate ’em?

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