Brand Building Secrets For Entrepreneurs With Adventure Girl Stefanie Michaels

How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Course & Dream Business

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Note: This is part of a brand spankin’ new series featuring forward-thinking entrepreneurial personal brands and how they have risen to success with takeaways for you and your business.

How did (and does) do it?

-She has a thriving multi-million dollar Adventure Girl brand that takes her all over the world offering travel advice and tips.

-Sure, follow count isn’t everything by any means, but she has nearly 1,500,000 followers on Twitter…in just one year after using the service.

-Stefanie is a media magnet and appears as a pundit on numerous shows and can be seen everywhere from E! to CNN.

-One second with her reveals that she has taken her passion, travel, and turned it into an incredibly unique business.

In this “tell all or at least tell the important parts” interview, Stefanie talks super candidly as to how she got to where she is at today and advice for you building your brand around your passion.


-How she built her brand step-by-step

-How she jumped into her niche

-Why much of her online networking happened offline

-When and how she started producing online content

-Her business model: How does she make money?

-Keys to success with social media

-How she operates her business and scales herself (and how you can too)

-How she became a media magnet

You can hunt down Stefanie on of course and check out the website for more.

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How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Course & Dream Business

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