RISE Fitness Show: Your Questions Answered: Are Carbs Evil? Best Ab Exercises? How Often Do I Need To Switch Up My Workout?

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Today on the RISE Fitness Show: Jumping into YOUR questions submitted on , , and . Are carbs evil? Best ab exercises? How often do I need to switch up my workout? And much more…

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About Today’s Conversation

Here are the questions we dove into in today’s episode:

Josh T.: – I’m interested in different approaches to keeping your muscles off balance. For example, how often should I switch up my lifting routine? When should I change up the exercises? How often should I change up the reps?

Geordie W. – How about an ab focus question? Like how often should you focus on abs? What are the best exercises for lower abs?

Richard V. – I assume you spent 90 days on a fairly specific schedule. Will you be publishing that with details? Meaning, the times you ate and what you ate when…and the times you worked out, when you would do more cardio than weights, when you focused more on reps than weight, and so on?

Patrick Dixon – I would like to know the truth on carbs. Many say to stay away from them all together, others say to be sure to eat the right kinds, such as steel cut oats for breakfast. It gets confusing. I’ve added a daily dose of juiced vegetables to my diet and feel some noticeable advantages so far: better overall feeling, clearer skin, more energy.

Look for more Q&A next week!

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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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