Master Fitness Trainer Rob Knox on How to Train and Eat Like a Fitness Model

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Today on The RISE Fitness Show: Why do fitness models look ridiculously shredded, lean and amazing while most people in the gym…well, don’t. Today, Rob Knox of , the man who trains many of those top fitness models, is here on the show to tell us the differences. These are little things you can immediately start to implement in your fitness routine and nutrition plan.

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About Today’s Guest and Conversation:

Rob KnoxRob has been involved with fitness for most of his life. He has been a drug-free competitive bodybuilder for over ten years and has trained dozens of people from every walk of life. He has been working in gyms for about 22 years and has been a gym owner/ head trainer for the last seventeen. As a gym owner and head personal trainer, he’s seen it all.

If you want to connect with today’s guest, Rob Knox, make sure to check out . Also, Rob trains folks virtually through the men’s program at .

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