Scott Dinsmore Shows Us How He Helps His Audience and Makes Money by Creating Awesome Online Courses

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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Alrighty, time to go behind-the-scenes into the wonderful and wondrous world of creating, promoting and profiting from online courses. And what better to get the juices flowing than to hear from someone who has totally rocked with this?

Because here is the thing. Scott Dinsmore (who you will hear from in a second) is an expert at helping people discover their passion and turn it into a business. And he has created a really successful site, , where he creates epic blog posts, videos and more.

How does Scott make money? He makes it by helping his peeps through his online courses, most notably his “How To Connect With Anyone” course (that’s my affiliate link, if you are interested in checking it out). And he does so in an ethical, non-sleezy, awesome way where his peeps are foaming at the mouth for his next product. Awesome, right?

In today’s chat with Scott, I drill him on what he has done right (and wrong) with his courses. Including how many sales he made, how he promoted it, some keys to his marketing, biggest mistakes and oh so much more.

Listen to it below…and make sure to leave your .02 in the comments section. I’ll be popping in and I’m sure Scott will as well. Enjoy!


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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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