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by David Garland in Podcast

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • 9:15 – How Selena got started and developed her business.
  • 14:00 – A thorough description of the publicity pyramid and how to build the right foundation.
  • 21:05 – The 7 Steps To Massive Media Exposure (duh).
  • 16:25 – The difference between new media and old media (and where to focus for the most “bang for your time”).
  • 25:15 – Selena’s bag of tricks (aka awesome tips) on finding places to be interviewed.
  • 29:54 – How to “pitch” without being a jerkface (even if you are just starting out).
  • 43:00 –  How to leverage any media exposure you get (much more than just a “logo on your website”).

Ideas Worth Sharing:

When people are feeling lost or unhappy, they don’t just need more information, they’re actually looking for more inspiration. - @selenasoo Click To Tweet I eventually started connecting with some of the people that I admired. I was on their list, I responded to their emails, I showed up at their meetups, I found ways to offer value, I made introductions.. and that’s how I got… Click To Tweet Some people might think, “Well who’s going to listen to, you know, well a 30 minute to one hour interview during a launch.” But the thing is, if someone is thinking, “Am I going to spend $3000/$5000 with this person?” They ARE… Click To Tweet

Links And Resources In Today’s Episode:

Conversion Cats

Impacting Millions

      • Selena Soo: Website | Blog | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn
      • 100 Top Media Outlets
      • Deepak Chopra
      • Marie Forleo
      • Marianne Williamson
      • Louise Hay
      • Ramit Sethi
      • 4 Hour Work Week
      • Gabrielle Bernstein
      • Forbes
      • Huffington Post
      • Mixergy
      • John Lee Dumas
      • Today Show
      • Oprah Magazine
      • Create Awesome Interviews 

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