Ask David: How do I build a passionate base of super fans?



These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

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by David Garland in David's Blog

OK, obviously when it comes to building a passionate base of super fans, there are lots of ways to go about it, keys to it, etc. Some we hear all the time and are a bit cliche (e.g. “Create great content!” – thanks Captain Obvious). In this quick vid, I go over one of the most overlooked, yet ridiculously important, keys. Enjoy and leave some comments/love below.



  • Hi David

    Great question to bring to your community.

    I agree, consistency (in terms of posting regularly, etc.) is absolutely needed to grow a great community. But, being consistently GOOD, however, is more important, I believe.

    I remember my basketball coach coming to me one day as I practiced my free throws. He asked how long I had been shooting for, and I replied “About 30mins, Coach – practice makes perfect, right..?!”, thinking that my sucking-up would get a few extras minutes on the floor the next game…

    He then replied saying “Sure, but if you practice something wrong, how can you become perfect at it?”. Good question… 

    So, the moral of the story is Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

    Be consistently GREAT at what you do, and the community you build will LOVE YOU for it!

    Have an awesome week ahead…


    • Couldn’t agree more Chris, consistently producing great results.

      This reminds me of a conversation I had with a business owner who was starting the ISO process for his company. 

      All ISO means is that your produce the same product the same way every time, sure it’s nice to know that you are getting the same product when you buy it but and this is a big but, what if the product stinks?
      Then you are constantly producing something bad.

      Another point I would to building a community is having a big vision.

      In David’s case it’s bringing kick ass content for online entrepreneurs.
      In your case Chris, it’s helping people live a virtual lifestyle.

      These are big visions which people can rally behind.

      Nobody builds a community behind the “buy my crappy 97$ product” vision 🙂

    • Great point Chris.  The hard part for me was that initially “Perfect Practice” is painstakingly slow and you feel you’re not going as fast as you could if you cut corners.  But the amazing thing is that if you keep it up the “Perfect Form” becomes easier than doing it the wrong way, and you’re able to hit new highs with less effort.

      I’ve applied this with video creation, weight lifting, and the food I eat.  A universal concept really!

      Oh, and DSG is the man!


    • Really great point, Chris. 

      Totally agree, but I also wonder if that’s where a lot of folks get caught up in their heads. Focusing on perfect, instead of progress towards perfect. If every day my practice gets a little bit better and a little bit more consistent, well then I think that’s a good day and I’m moving in the right direction. Can’t get to the destination without the journey.

      So for me, consistency is also about regularly improving, evaluating, and making adjustments.

      Thanks for chiming in. 🙂

      -Lisa (aka. David’s VA, aka. Conversation Facilitator While David Meanders Through Europe)

    • David Siteman Garland

       Chris – I feel ya my man, however, I think that attitude can unfortunately hold a lot of people back. Because honestly, what the hell is perfect? When people pick up a basketball for the first time, they have to work at it, work at it, work at it, work at it, before they can practice at a near-perfect level.

  • Smack!
    As I am a few days late on my blog … you hit the nail on the head. Consistency!!!

    • David Siteman Garland

       Get moving girl 🙂 Get those blog posts up. Hah!

  • Great counsel David, thanks for the wisdom and reminder.

  • Stephen Lahey

    You make some great points, David. The clip reinforces what I already sensed – you’ve made a commitment to yourself that you’ll actually care enough about the experience of people who are part of your community to set high standards across the board and follow through. Refreshing to see that. Of course, your example applies not only to what you do but also to business success in general. 

    • David Siteman Garland

       Absolutely. Just like with working out, the person that puts in the most consistent effort, wins



These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!