Embracing “A Hah” Moments



These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

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by David Garland in David's Blog

The more you learn to identify “a hah” moments the more often
they will happen.

What about you? What was the exact “a hah” moment when you came up with that awesome idea, book, business, lifestyle change, etc. And what was your first action step?

  • @michelfalcon


    Great video. My “a hah” moment was a conversation with my grandfather and father four years ago. I was torn between what area of business I wanted to grow within (i.e. markting, PR, Sales etc). After speaking with the two of them, it came to me that customer experience was the most organic way to build businesses of any size.

    Although, the “a hah” moment is important, I believe the action steps that follow are vital to live your moment and bring it toward. My first step was becoming a student of the subject and reading 1000’s (literally) of articles, case studies and knocking on the doors of companies that I admired for customer experience to ask questions (i.e. Zappos, Amazon, Southwest, Westjet etc.)

    Thanks for the video. Oh, my Canucks beat your Blues on Saturday. Great game!

    • David Siteman Garland

       M – Ugh ya a rough one against my Blues…we will get you next time.

      And absolutely correct. One thing to have the moment, another to actually do something about it.

  • I love nothing more than an AH HA! moment. I was sitting across the table from my husband preparing to have an objective discussion on whether I should let my licensing agent go and before I began my planned speech, (letting the agent go had the potential to drop my income) he said, “Just do it, I believe that you could get people to pay you to just be Monica.” Truthfully my action step was to laugh out loud at him but I let it simmer for several days. I dropped my agent.   And then I spent a short concentrated time asking myself how I could get paid to be myself, talkative, nosey (I mean curious) and now I have Smart Creative Women…AND my little email list is taking off! Thank you for your encouragment Mr. Garland!

    • David Siteman Garland

       AWESOME, Monica. That comment made my day!

  • Cassie Faye

    I just seriously had an “aha” moment just listening to you right now about how your cousin told you you sound like those guys on the radio. Friends and family alike tell me I should be on camera, but I am a trained TV producer so it didn’t really resonate until now. Great video!

    • David Siteman Garland

       Cassie – Awesome. I like to sort of look at it as a game. And each comment can be a clue. Keeps leading you the right away if you really isten.

  • Hey David-guess what….i was able to login with FB – YAY – your system must like me now- hehe 😉

    OK, aha moments- well the very 1st one I remember vividly was back in 2006 when I won a ticket to Tony Robbins UPW a- this changed my way of thinking altogether.

    Prior to that, I always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur WITH a happy family and I didn’t want to compromise on that. Every business woman that I asked said that I couldn’t ‘have it all’- I had to pick- happy with hubby and kiddies, OR happy in business – couldn’t have both.

    So, I put my dreams ‘on hold’ ….all that changed when I went to UPW. I did a whole mindset shift.

    AND the fact that I won UPW tickets proved that you will achieve whatever you put your mind to. Similar thing also happened recently in which I will write about next month.

    Mind you , I am still on that journey, though you know what, it has taken me 3 years to get to the level of clarity I have now and the one thing that I have learned is that no one never is an ‘overnight success’, not many know of the journey behind the success – and I suppose its the journey that matters because it is ‘moulding’ you into the person you need to become in order to fulfil that role that you are aiming for.

    Anyway – better stop there, otherwise, I will go on forever – hehe ( hubby says I could talk under water – I guess its true- heheh 😉

    Thanks for the quick vid David- have a safe trip back to St Louis :-))))

    • David Siteman Garland

       Ah that is awesome Katrina. And of course makes a lot of sense…attend something positive and transformative and you end up in an environment that fosters change and ideas.

  • This is such a big topic as I’ve had a ton of aha moments in the past 4-5 months.

    There were several catalyst that helped me to have these ahas or shifts. The biggest one was that I went to a retreat with one of my mentors in January, and when I got back it was like I couldn’t move fast enough to do the things I wanted to do. I had so much creative energy. It was like I unlocked the floodgates. And it wasn’t even because I had some huge experience, it was just several conversations that got me thinking about my gifts in a different way… sort of seeing them through a difference lens.

    So often we think that it’s the big changes or experiences in life that cause the greatest impact, but often times it’s those seemingly small conversations or introspective moments that suddenly cause the whole world to look different.

    • David Siteman Garland

       Great point Sheila on paying attention to the small. GREAT point.

  • Ah David, it’s good to be back here, always great content. 🙂

    I get a-ha moments allll the time, I’ve been hyper-creative/inspired since I was a child and they labeled me ‘gifted’ because of it.

    My first *pre-moment* step is to focus and clarify what I want (usually through writing).

    My first action step *post-moment* is usually to express it (speak it, write it, draw it, etc.)

    I really love turning a-ha moments into a-ha “streams”, (getting in the zone) like you said about “just dominating”, This is the domain of top athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs, the world over.

    • David Siteman Garland

       You got it down, Jason. Love to hear that.

  • Alicia

    I had the idea for the business I’m working on now while getting ready for bed at 3am after I’d stayed up far too late one night reading blogs and thinking about work stuff. After I climbed into bed I was still thinking about it and worried I’d forget before the morning so I emailed it to myself from my phone. As it turns out I didn’t forget and I starting working on it the next morning at 8am.. and haven’t stopped since 🙂

  • Kristina

    My A Hah  moment was when I found your site. I had been mind mapping a new website and when I came across your site I thought, oh my gosh, that’s the twist I need, adding in the “interview” element to my site brought the whole things together and to a new level. Haven’t slept more than 5 hours at a time since – my mind’s too busy moving forward! Thanks!



These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!