Gary Vaynerchuk aka @garyvee Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before This Sunday *wink*

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If I had a man crush on one person it would probably be Gary Vaynerchuk (shhh don’t tell anyone) and he is bringing his business advice to you during our exclusive interview at in New Jersey this Sunday on The Rise To The Top. See the above video of the story behind the interview and why I’ve hung onto it in secret for so long. 🙂

For those that DON’T know Gary: His story is going to get you fired up. From a wine shack to 50 million dollar plus company, 7 figure book deal, and a daily wine video blog that gets over 80,000 viewers…all while putting family and community first. He doesn’t take no for an answer. He does what he wants. He breaks the rules. He loves life (and the Jets) and has 850,000+ Twitter followers (now, of course we don’t measure coolness on Twitter followers, but hey that is pretty nifty). Oh, and you may be living under a rock.

For those that DO know Gary: You have seen Gary on numerous shows before, but this is going to be a bit different. We really get in depth on how you can build community around your business, make it more social, and how business is being done in 2009 all while not losing perspective on what is really important (that is long sentence).

Here is what you will learn:

-The story behind Wine Library and Wine Library TV
-How Gary built community and viewers (plus some tips he normally doesn’t share)
-How he would build a brand in 2009
-How to evaluate opportunities when they come flying at you
-Legacy, The Book Deal, Tips For Entrepreneurs, Vaynermedia and much more…

PLUS: Pay attention for a REALLY cool way to interact with both Gary and I. Surprise revealed on Sunday. 🙂

Here is where you can tune in:

Online: (released at 11 AM CST this Sunday): Right here on for the full episode and a COMPLETE uncensored interview with the man, myth and legend.

TV Premier: On ABC (KDNL-ABC30) at 11 AM (CST) on Sunday, October 25th following “This Week With Stephanopoulos”
Replays: On ABC (KDNL-ABC30) at 1 AM (CST) on Tuesday (27th), Wednesday (28th), Thursday (29th) following “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

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