marketing coordinator position


by David Garland in David's Blog

We’re looking for the newest member of our team: Marketing Coordinator

We’re looking for someone who thrives on the feel-good satisfaction of seeking out new lead generating avenues, believes they are a master of cold-emailing, and laughs in the face of danger (ahem, analyzing marketing data)…

If you think that describes YOU… then read on, my friend.

This is a completely virtual position. This means you can work wherever your heart desires, whether that be your kitchen table, the coffee shop, or your Grandma’s basement. 

Ultimately, this position is a starting point for the Marketing Coordinator role. If we feel you’re a great fit to the team, there is definitely room for growth. We welcome applications from those looking for full-time gigs, as an internal member of the RISE team.


About The Rise To The Top (& me, David Siteman Garland)

You can find the long version story over here, but here’s what it’s all about:

I help people create & sell online courses, with thousands of students in over 100 countries who have created successful courses on everything from kindergarten teaching to snowboarding. I have created a proven system to help awesome entrepreneurs escape the world of trading dollars for hours, and instead create freedom-based businesses (so they can live their freakin’ life).

To keep things rolling with our products and programs, we come up with short and long-term marketing plans, run strategic ad campaigns, and we offer KILLER affiliate program opportunities (and join up for webinar parties-of-fun).

That’s where you come in.


Here’s what we need:

  • KILLER attention to detail, to analyze existing sales funnels as well as marketing trends within the industry and recommend changes to marketing based on analysis and feedback.
  • Engage our target peeps on social media and deepen relationships with all media to ensure the most effective messaging and positioning of the RISE team and mission.
  • Lead direction of all areas of content generation and production across all media platforms.
  • Management and creation of promotional calendar, ensuring there is a healthy, consistent stream of internal live promotions and joint ventures scheduled.
  • More-than-a-little background in marketing, with some copywriting savvy thrown into the mix, so we can speak effectively to the unique audiences you help us find.
  • A team player, who doesn’t take life too seriously (only serious enough to be a marketing master, of course). Our Marketing Coordinator will be working with pretty much all of the RISE team members on a daily basis, and we like to like the people we work with. Jerkfaces need not apply.


Here’s what you need…

  • You are self-motivated, and can get your work done effectively and independently. Our team is fully virtual, and we all rely on each other to get things done with great time management skills so we can put it all together and deliver the best products and service possible.
  • You are confident in your ability to make decisions on your own, and in turn know when to ask for advice or direction.
  • You are technologically savvy, nimble, and open to learning new online platforms. We use very specific platforms for all of our processes, and we need you to hop on board.
  • You are a solution seeker. Our valued customers rely on you find them, speak to the problems they are facing, and help them find our products and programs to give them the freedom they are looking for.
  • You identify problems and do your best to solve them. This industry is constantly changing, and Team RISE works together to stay on top. No matter what position you hold on the team, we want you to be invested in the future of The Rise To The Top, and work with the team to put our best foot forward.


Why work with The Rise To The Top?

  1. We love what we do, and bring passion and fire to the table every day. This is anything but a boring desk job.
  2. The Rise To The Top was named the 938th fastest-growing privately owned company in America by Inc. Magazine on the 2107 Inc. 5000 list (not to brag or anything).
  3. You have tons of freedom. When I say you can work from anywhere, I kid you not. All you need is reliable internet connection, and I’m happy.
  4. We are constantly striving to better the company, our mission, and move toward healthy, happy growth. We want you to invest in the company; we’ll invest in you.
  5. You will join the mission to help thousands of people build a business to allow for a life they really love and deserve. It’s life-changing, and the success stories never get old (ever).


Your next steps:


Please send your updated resume over to [email protected] (our Operations Manager), with the subject line “Marketing Coordinator Resume”


Hope to see you on Team RISE soon,