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Ok so there are probably 3938483858486.6 blogs that “give thanks” to everyone just about this time of the year before plunging into a sea of turkey and cranberry sauce (yum…Cranberry Sauce). But bottom line, is I am truly lucky and the reason for that is all the wonderful people in my life. I am truly blessed with so many AMAZING loved ones that it would bore the heck out of you if I listed them all. I’m fortunate to have a fully supportive family, girlfriend, and friends. No matter what I do, they are always behind me 100% (no matter where my crazy mind takes me) and I try to be always behind them!

The Rise To The Top has been a work of passion, love, and business (18 hours-a-day plus…not kidding) and I’m excited about the future and bringing great content and resources to all of you. It would not have been possible without the unconditional support of everyone so thank you family, friends, future friends, girlfriend, and everyone else for allowing me to pursue my dreams with an army behind me.

And on that note, if you need a break from stuffing your face with yummy food, I’m very excited to announce that both Episode #1 “Firsts” and Episode #2 “Gotta Have Passion” are now online and live on The Rise To The Top Website. Enjoy the videos and also some bonus tips!

I would love to hear your feedback. What do you like? What can be improved? You will notice a different “feel” between Episode #1 (as with most pilots) and Episode #2. Future shows will DEFINITELY have more of the #2 look and feel.

We have a LOT of cool stuff coming out by the end of the year and of course into 2009 with goal of giving an in-your-face-boost-of-awesome to your business and life.

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist

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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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