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Holy bananas we are teaming up again. Here’s what’s up…

Captain Obvious here but as well all know your business starts and ends with your email list and of course your relationship with the peeps on your email list.

The #1 question I get all the time besides, of course, how to create, promote & profit from online courses, is all about list building.

How do I built my list from SCRATCH without wasting time and money?

How do I double my list? Triple? 10x? Get a predictable stream of the RIGHT people (potential customers) signing up?

What strategies work best for list building that are quick, inexpensive and work over the long run so I can get a steady stream of the right peeps?

So, I’m bringing in our friend…my friend and yours Mr. Nick “The British Are Coming” Stephenson.

In case you are in the dark about Nick, here is a lighting quick synopsis.

-Nick is a student of my Create Awesome Online Courses program.
-Nick launched his very first online course (called Your First 10,000 Readers which helps authors who want to improve their marketing efforts and build their platform) to the tune of $130,208. That is not a misprint, hah. $130,208! (now it is much more than that in fact).

This is where it gets extra cool:

-Nick grew his course email list from 0-4,000 in 3 months.
-And then over the next 11 months he took his list from 4,000 to 27,000 (!) ….all using a few simple strategies, 98% of them are FREE (no big budget required, double yay).

I tracked Nick down in jolly ole England and he and I are doing a special free webinar for you guys to show you how he did it (so you can copy it):

You will definitely not want to miss this one.


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