Why I want to win Iron Man Magazine’s “Most Inspiring Fitness Transformation”

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by David Garland in David's Blog

UPDATE: WE DID IT!!!!! Thank YOU SO SO SO much for voting. I won Iron Man Magazine’s/’s “most inspiring fitness transformation” and the story will be featured along with photos in a TWO-PAGE spread in Iron Man Magazine this July!

So, as many of you know I’m up for being selected as the (I’m one of five finalists).

The winner gets a two-page spread in the magazine and, more importantly, gets the opportunity to tell their story and inspire others.

This week I’ve been all over calling in a favor or two for you to vote for me. And the response has been ridiculously awesome between folks sharing it all over Facebook, blogging about it, tweeting it, painting it on a sandwich board and running around town (well…maybe not that one) etc. And I’m so insanely grateful that I’ve almost teared up a few times.

That being said, I wanted to tell you WHY I want to win (besides a ridiculous sense of pride and accomplishment of knocking off something on my “Dream List” which reads “Be featured in a fitness magazine”).

Honestly, because this isn’t about me. It is about inspiring others. It is about helping you or your friend or your dad or whomever start making healthier life decisions. Eating better. Moving more. Feeling amazing. Confidence. Health. Happiness.

In business, like me, I bet you get inspired when you hear stories of success. Someone who ACTUALLY did it.

Same thing applies for fitness, nutrition and health. I want my story to be catalyst to others.

I remember sitting there looking at photos of myself and being upset and then thinking it must have been a bad angle or something.
I remember when my pants had gotten too tight and I blamed it on the laundry machine. I remember getting a bit lethargic during the day thinking about taking a nap.
I remember flipping through photos of fitness people and thinking to myself “I could never look like that!”
I remember thinking I “knew everything” about fitness and nutrition when I actually didn’t know anything at all.
I remember thinking I was “too busy” with The Rise To The Top, my wife and family, etc. to do a massive fitness transformation.
I remember thinking, “If I get into amazing shape, how will I be able to maintain for more than a few weeks?”

And many more questions. This opportunity is incredible to help others and I wanted to thank you for being a part of it.

Voting continues now until NOON PST on lucky Friday the 13th. (and you can vote up to once per hour if you get bored).
And, thank you in advance, for helping spread the word. Every tweet, Facebook share, blog post, email, etc. means a lot. Every vote counts. The link to send peeps to is this:

Always appreciative,

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