From Bartender and Photographer to Crazy Sexy Best-Selling Author: Behind-the-Scenes with Kris Carr

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I’ve got an AMAZING interview for you today with . In case you have not been blessed by being introduced to Kris yet, let me tell you…she is awesomeness. In a nutshell, Kris:

  • …created (and sold) a documentary film:  (after being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer).
  • …has written all kinds of “Crazy Sexy” books, including , , , and her newest book (affiliate).
  • …is a cancer thriver (her words).
  • …and is the creator of one of my favorite “brands”, Crazy Sexy Life.

Now, most of the time when Kris is interviewed, she is talking about C&W. Cancer and Wellness. But, as you know, this is The Rise To The Top and I love to go way behind-the-scenes for you guys and I can tell you right now, this is one of my favorite interviews that I have EVER done.

We cover a whole boatload of topics and I can tell you right now that you will not want to miss it. Trust me.


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