Mike Chang Has the #1 Fitness Channel on YouTube: How the Heck Did He Do It?

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WOOOOOOO! I’m fired up for today’s episode.

First of all, getting Mike Chang on the show was quite an adventure. The guy NEVER does interviews or stuff away from his fitness channel, but some sexy strings were pulled and sha-boom.

Second of all, think about ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the fitness channels out there on YouTube. Thousands and thousands and thousands. is #1. Over 1.5 MILLION (yes, MILLION) subscribers. Over 200 MILLION views (yes, once again, not a typo). Holy crap.

And even more than that, Mike isn’t one of those peeps who has “a lot of views but doesn’t make much money”. He has a rocking fitness program that sells like hotcakes (affiliate) that has him rolling in the bling bling and helping people get in shape (how cool is that?).

In today’s episode, I tracked him down, kidnapped him for the show (sort of), and begged him to give us his very best YouTube tips, keys to success, and his strategies. Enjoy!


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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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