From Blog to Physical Product: How Sheila Viers Monetized Live Well 360

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Today on the show I’m joined by badass who, along with her husband Ryan, founded the blog/business/brand Live Well 360.

What enticed me to make SURE to have Sheila on the show (among many things) is how well she has attracted media attention (online and offline) and turned her blog into a full-fledged business by creating a physical product (despite no experience in manufacturing). There is a LOT to learn from her.

Why you should definitely watch/listen to this episode:

  • Learn how Sheila built and grew the Live Well 360 blog and brand.
  • How she and her husband went from blog to physical product.
  • Tips on creating a physical product (dos, don’ts, etc.)
  • Advice on making connections with the press (both traditional and new media).
  • And thoughts on working with your spouse/significant other.
  • And my dad wants to say hi to you. 🙂

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