Head Injuries & Hockey Camp: A Chat With Former NHLer Jeff Serowik



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Random Question of the Day: What is the worst pickup attempt you have either witnessed or has happened to you? (Yes, off topic, but off topic is fun. Hooray.)

About Today’s Guest, Jeff Serowik:

Jeff SerowikJeff Serowik went to Lawrence Academy Prep School, played Division I hockey at Providence College (on scholarship), and earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance before beginning his 10-year professional hockey career. He’s an Eddie Shore Award recipient for Best Defenseman AHL. He’s the current record holder for most goals in a season by a defenseman. He played for these NHL teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins.

Unfortunately, Jeff suffered a career-ending injury in 2000 at the pinnacle of his pro career while playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jeff founded with one summer camp 20 years ago and it has grown to be the largest Hockey School Outfit in the world with over 4000 campers attending their day and boarding/residential camps annually.

Jeff has been featured on the Competitive Edge television series on ESPN, TSN, Fox Sports Net, and NESN Sports Desk. He was also inducted into the 2009 NH Hockey Hall of Fame.

Jeff and Christine Serowik founded the charity in 2003. Its mission is to help children that are facing adversities out of their control and give them an opportunity to shine and strengthen their spirit through hockey.

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  • David,

    It was so great to hear your interview with my buddy Jeff. Glad you guys connected. 

    Jeff’s story is so inspiring – I love how he said he always tries to move forward no matter what hand he’s dealt.

    Also loved his inbound marketing strategy – what a great way to build business AND a very loyal following.

    Thanks for another great interview!

    • David Siteman Garland

      Thanks again Heather for the introduction!

  • Al Pittampalli

    Cool story. I like his posture on customer service. People are paying you for a product, and they have certain expectations, so you have to deliver. Really true in a day where every consumer is so powerful, especially in a connected culture like hockey parents.

    • David Siteman Garland

      Absolutely….unless the customer is an idiot haha.

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These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!