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Building Your Business By Saving Tons Of Time With Online Scheduling

Saving time is the new wasting time.
I discovered , an amazing free online scheduling service when setting up a meeting with from .

Normally when I set up meetings (and I’m sure you can relate to this one):

1. Someone sends an email with times and dates.
2. Back-and-forth ridiculousness occurs.
“No, 4 PM doesn’t work, I’m feeding my cat.”
“Does 3 AM work?”
“Are you crazy?”

3. The date changes.
4. Common dates can’t be found.
5. Throw keyboard
6. Crying ensues.
7. Dates are finally chosen….for a 30 minute meeting that took 2 hours to schedule.

With services like here is what happens:

1. I send over my online schedule.
2. You select times from the available times.
3. It sends me an email and I confirm one.
4. You receive an email with confirmation.
5. It syncs with our calendars (iCal, Outlook, whatever)

and , another player in the space, also allow for groups to organize and sync calendars to find the best time to meet.

This is great for your team. Is 3 PM on Tuesday better than 4 PM on Thursday? Avoid zillions of emails by syncing up using online scheduling.

I found online scheduling sexy and so useful for my business. Let me know your thoughts on it for your business.

Both services are free to use: and

Here is some more fun, video, and screenshots (and thanks to RISE enthusiast Adam Kossoff for the idea to include more screen shots and soon some downloadable packets).


Bonus Interviews:

Marc Gingras From Tungle.Me

Tilman Eberle From

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Is online scheduling something you will give a shot to save time?

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