How To Get Your Subscribers To Actually Open Your Emails

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Let’s talk subject lines.

You might have the world’s most awesome content (of course you do!)

You might write the world’s most awesome email blasts (of course you do!)

You might send out the world’s best email promotions (of course you do!)

But…if peeps don’t open your email you are screwed.

What is one way you can massively, massively increase your open rates? All about that subject line, baby.

I have to be honest, I used to SUCK at writing subject lines (I know, totally hard to believe, hah) but then I made some key shifts and it literally quadroupled by open rates.

In today’s The Rise To The Top mini lesson, I hop into the changes I made and my absolute best (I wanted to say “bestest” there because little kid language rocks) tips for getting your subscribers to actually open your emails.

Watch today’s RISE mini lesson below and  as always, let me know what you think in the ole comments section of fun (I’ll be hopping in as usual).




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