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3 Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Online Course In The Next 90 Days

I just wrote this on my personal FB page but wanted to share with you guys and gals:

WOW. So this week we just graduated our first 20+ Accelerators.

So, for those who don't know...Accelerator (The Create Awesome Online Courses Accelerator Program) is a new group coaching, mentorship and accountability program we launched this year.

The goal is for folks to launch their online course in less than 90 days with personalized help every step of the way.
We spent about 6 months and over 100k developing the program and I gotta say it was EPIC.

Our Accelerators made more progress in 90 days than the previous 3-5 years combined (their words not mine).

We are talking:
-Audiences built
-Offers created
-Courses created
-Courses launched and sold

...and so much more. And also the intangibles like busting through barriers, mindset shifts, accountability.
Everyone is in a better spot now than they were 90 days ago. PERIOD.

The magic is the combination of coaching, training, accountability and the willingness for folks to put in the hard work to build their brand and launch their online course.

And working towards that big goal. Whether it is financial freedom, quitting a job, being your own boss (on your own schedule) or anything else.

Couldn't be prouder of our first Accelerators.

Two fun facts on the way out #1: We have a new group of Accelerators who started a few weeks ago who are kicking major butt in a variety of industries (including basketball, compliance in a specific industry, empowered sleep, piano for kids and much more).

#2: We were so pumped about the first round of Accelerators graduating that we have opened up 8 spots in the program for July (July 2nd start date). 2 are already gone (maybe more when I write this).

Link is below in the comments if you are ready to turn what you already know into a successful online course and dream business in 2019


As you may have already heard, I've opened up 8 more spots in the summer session of the Create Awesome Online Courses Accelerator Program, but...

...2 are already taken...😲

That means, there are only SIX spots left, and applications are flying in from people like you, who can't wait to launch their online course in 90 days with the help we provide through coaching, accountability and mentorship in the Accelerator.

And since you've asked, this time I'm revealing all the details.

Head on over to the enrollment page to discover what's included in the program and what the investment is. 👊💥

A lot of entrepreneurs quit after that first module...

Some make it to the first pre-launch phase...

But most never see it through having consistent and constant course buyers that support them full time.

Let's get you past 'trying to finish' your online course and start getting paid for your knowledge while you sleep soundly...

We don't know when the program will open again, and once those final seats are gone, they are gone. So hop over for all the details and to apply and see if the CAOC Accelerator Program is right for you.